1. J2EE Application Server, the library is only tested in Tomcat. It is recommended to use Tomcat for the time being.
  2. JDBC driver for JDO.
  3. Database server. The JDO implementation TJDO, which is included, is currently support Oralce, DB2, Cloudscape and PostgreSQL. You may use any JDO implementation that supports any databases.


  1. Start up your J2EE and Database Server
  2. Deploy the war file
  3. Configure the web application deployment descriptor (web.xml)
    Parameter Description Default
    jdoPersistenceManagerFactoryClass JDO Persistence Manager Factory Class com.triactive.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactoryImpl
    database.driver oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
    database.url Change MFDB to your DB name for Oracle. jdbc:oracle:thin:@blackbox:1521:MFDB
    database.username username
    database.password You may use system property to specific password, see footnote password
    jhttplog.servertag for identifying the application server. it is logged in the session table TOMCAT4118-SF
    jhttplog.servlettag for identifying the servlet. it is logged in the session table JHTTPLOG

    The above is fo r configuration after deployment only. You may also configure the above variables by setting Java system property values. (e.g. java -Ddatabase.password myPassWord)

  4. Add your JDBC driver

It's done! Notice that, with JDO, you don't even need to create the database schema