JHttpLog 2.0 Architecture

Version 1.0 was designed for a single purpose - to log and make persistent user information. The architecture for 2.0 is a more dynamic one that supports pluggable services in run time.

the following are some main feature enhancement.

  1. Record and make use of clickstreams.

  2. Link convertion.

  3. Dynamic configuration with JMX

the following are some features that I'm considering to add in 2.0

  1. Live library / module update. have to check what open source solution is available.

  2. Integrate with a Job Scheuler. providing interface for Job Scheduling services. an ideal candidate is Quartz

  3. [not likely ] Integration with a mail server for email messaging. Ideal candidate is Apache James.

  4. Allow integrate / make use of lower level infrastructure. e.g. connection pool of application server,

  5. Provide a center point for obtaining services from the lower level infrastructure. .eg. JNDI factory

  6. make it easy for users to disable and remove (not install) certain services. Provide options for using JHttp for 'wrapping' an external services, conditionally use it, not to use it etc.

  7. web services