To Do List

The following tasks are in the to do list:


  • Function: Enhance the library to support logging of the first HTTP request. It is currently only able to retreive information in the second request. As a session is established only in the first request.
  • Function: To provide Log4j configuration
  • Function: To allow configuration in system property or deployment descriptor, or use JMX
  • Portability: To test the software in different J2EE Server
  • Portability: To include a second JDO implementation in the project
  • Docs: To provide complete UML models
  • JUnit: To implement a full, automated regressive unit test, and display test report on web with Maven
  • JUnit: To name all test cases properly, i.e. TestXXX
  • JUnit: to move all test cases to the right directory
  • Maven: to configure Maven to use ANT build script
  • Maven: to convert documentation from XDoc to Docbook simple format
  • Maven: to enhance Maven to support automatic building and deployment of war.
  • Maven: to configure Maven to use XDoclet
  • Maven: to check and fix - javadoc report

Functional enhancement

  • enforce cache/proxy disable, provide technical explaination
  • Utilize JMX technology (with MX4J)
  • admin console
  • basic statistics reporting / with chart
  • live session monitoring
  • make it as a site with advanced technical server side development information / to explain technical issues / demostrate the advanced tools
  • to add outputstream link filter to modi fy all links and added clickthrough tracking

General Tasks

  • To enhance the project website
  • To mplement JHttpLog tracking for the project website
  • To provide a live demonstration, a screen recording demonstration, and sample screenshot on the website
  • To provide some whitepaper that talk about web tracking methodologies

Last but not least, to generate more traffic for this site!